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02:33 AM VirtualPF Feature #33 (New): Varnish4
New feature request to include Varnish4 to the VPF.


08:38 AM VirtualPF Bug #32 (New): ntopng missing dependency
Bug was reported in forum:
ntopng is missing ...
08:35 AM VirtualPF Bug #31 (New): Varnish3 missing dependency
Issue was reported on forum here:


09:57 AM VirtualPF Feature #29 (New): VirtualPF Repair
For VirtualPF theres currently no real repair option.
I would love to see a build in Repair option that can be use...
09:54 AM VirtualPF Feature #28 (New): Update verification
Simple feature request for the Automatic updater:
Verify the update is 100% completed and all files are in...


11:16 AM VirtualPF Bug #20 (Closed): Popup msg when removing a package shows wrong info
Removed the pkg manager removal on click function all together.
11:12 AM VirtualPF Bug #16 (Closed): IPsec - disable IP fastforwarding
Fixed in gui too as a note.
07:46 AM VirtualPF Feature #21 (New): Snort_rules --> too many rules tend to crash browser
The issue i experience is that if there's too many rules (like community rules) it makes the browser page u...


01:27 AM VirtualPF Bug #19 (New): acknowledge doesn't make notification dissapear untill page refresh
acknowledge notification does not instantly make the notification go.
it has to refresh page before it takes effect....
01:23 AM VirtualPF Feature #18 (Closed): reintegrate notice bar

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