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11:39 PM VirtualPF Bug #30 (New): Shared key export with multiple routes
“Shared key export” does not export multiple routes only the first one in the last.
See Forum post https://virtual...


06:59 PM VirtualPF Bug #26 (New): XenServer 6.5 Network
Xen 6.5 doesnt allow the network interface to use all bandwidth and is limited.


10:25 PM VirtualPF Bug #15 (Closed): OpenBGPD MD5
Tested IPSEC and its working fine.
02:02 AM VirtualPF Bug #23 (Closed): Sudo Package menu item
02:01 AM VirtualPF Bug #23 (Resolved): Sudo Package menu item
Fixed in latest RC.
01:41 AM VirtualPF Bug #15 (In Progress): OpenBGPD MD5
01:34 AM VirtualPF Bug #15: OpenBGPD MD5
Fixed in latest RC. Need to do checking that the IPSec server is working fine


06:48 PM VirtualPF Bug #23 (Closed): Sudo Package menu item
When installing the sudo package the menu item (Linking to pkg_edit.php?xml=sudo.xml) does not appear.


11:06 PM VirtualPF Feature #22 (New): Webconfigure Bind IP
Due to how the squid reverse proxy works (Squid3 packages). We should allow binding of the webConfigurator IP (and th...


05:06 PM VirtualPF Bug #17 (In Progress): Squid3-dev package issue

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